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Preaching the Gospel and feeding the needy in ISRAEL

Thousands of Israelis have been going to the streets setting up tent cities in protest
Trumpet of Salvation to Israel
Trumpet Mobilized to the Streets
God is our refuge
and strength,
A very present help
in trouble.
Psalm 46

Trumpet Mobilizes to the Streets
Trumpet of Salvation to Israel Teams Mobilize
to Join the People in Time of Hardship
In Biblical times Capernaum was the “metropolis” of the North.  Jesus spent His time there healing the sick, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and feeding the needy.  Today, Tel Aviv is where the mainstream population of Israel lives so Trumpet of Salvation to Israel is based here.  Living with the people we understand their hearts and needs and are able to minister with the bread of life and bread for the body!
Today however, the pressure on the average person in Tel Aviv is becoming overwhelming.  Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live while wages are half of normal - the average Israeli cannot afford to live.  The people experiencing the hardship are not just the unemployed and poor.  Those affected include professionals, daily laborers and students across the Israel.  Housing, for instance, often accounts for 80%- 90% of a person’s salary.  Working two jobs is normal and with both the husband and wife working it is still difficult to provide for the basic needs of a family.
In response to their financial and social pressure, since mid July 2011, thousands of Israelis have been going to the streets setting up tent cities in protest.  Organized street marches have reached 350,000 with people from every walk of life uniting and crying out for reforms.   After facing so much persecution over the centuries and now wars and threats of wars on every border, the heart-cry of every Israeli is to just “let us live”.  This heart-cry, like in the ancient times during the Egyptian enslavement, is reaching the ears of God.  The people are crying out for deliverance and as the promise in Romans 11 a deliverer will be provided!
“…all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, The Deliverer will come from Zion.  He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.  This is my covenant with them when I take away their sins.” Romans 11:26-27  

At the beginning of August our team erected a tent and stage on Rothschild Boulevard, standing in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters.  Several Dutch youth were on hand with the Trumpet Team to not only set up the tent but to perform dances, speak with the people and give them literature.  We spoke with our new friends about their lives and the hope that they can place in their living God.  We gave personal testimonies about His faithfulness in our lives as well as explained how the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has always kept his promises to the people of Israel!  So many people were interested, stopped to discuss and were filled with hope; it was such a joy for all who participated!
This week a film crew from Trumpet of Salvation will head to the site, conduct interviews and provide refreshments.  Please join us in prayer and as we stand with the people of Israel to be relieved from such intense pressure both financially, spiritually and politically.  We stand on the promise that our everlasting God is always faithful and that through His Son all of the people of Israel will find their true deliverance.
We thank you with all our hearts for your love, prayer and faithful support. May the Almighty God of Israel fill your cup daily and bless you abundantly as you bless His chosen people Israel!
Jacob and the Trumpet Team

Trumpet of Salvation to Israel

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